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Let It Out | Review

Let It Out | Review

Let It Out is a book written by young blogger Katie Dalebout, chronicling her foray into the journaling world and more specifically how she used journaling to heal herself and her life. The book is divided up into useful sections, with the first half being Dalebout’s story and the second half being journal promos and exercises targeting specific goals.

So this book is definitely written for a younger audience (teens to mid twenties). And if I’m honest, the beginning of the book where Dalebout tells her story of how she won a contest with her book idea (yep, this book) comes off as a little naive. I actually had to force myself to read through this and not just put the book down. To me, Dalebout sounds like a young woman who thinks she knows everything, while those older just shake their head, knowing she’ll learn eventually.

But if you can get past the eye rolling, the book does get better as Dalebout goes into tips and techniques for journaling, mediation and general life betterment.

Also for much of the book Dalebout isn’t sharing new ideas or journaling techniques, she’s just summarizing those in other popular self-help books (like The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up) so heads up, if you are a collector of self-help books, you probably won’t learn anything new here.

The summary is useful though, especially the way the tips are organized by category, so this book all in all is a useful reference book for those that have already read through the reference material.

Overall, I think this book would be perfect for someone younger who is going through a hard time and needing a healthy coping mechanism. I also think this book would be wonderful for high school writing classes.

I received a digital copy of Let It Out from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

Rating: 3 stars


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