What is your current processing time?

Most orders ship within 3- 5 business days of ordering, many sooner than that. Larger orders take more time. If you need your order by a specific date, contact me and I’ll let you know if I can make that happen for you!


Do you make custom orders?

Absolutely! Just contact me to get the process started.


My candle has white spots! It kind of look like snowflakes?

This is called frosting. All soy wax will do this over time to varying levels, depending on temperature and humidity. It is a natural byproduct of the soy wax and in no way affects the burnability or fragrance of the candle.


What should I trim my candle wick to?

Keep wicks trimmed to 1/4″.


How do I prevent my candle from tunneling?

Soy wax will only melt to the point of it’s last burn. To prevent this tunneling effect, always burn your candles so that the wax pool reaches the edge of your container. This usually means burning your candle for at least an hour.


How do I light my series candle with the wood wick?

Wood wicks require more time to light, since they are crafted from wood. You know the wick is lit once you hear the wood cracking (usually 5 – 10 seconds of flame on the wick will do it).


I’m an author, can you create a custom candle for my book?

Absolutely! Just contact me to get the process started.


I own a book box subscription company, do you do wholesale or custom order requests?

Sure do! Just contact me to get the link to my linesheet and all wholesale info.