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Fallen Flame | Review

Fallen Flame | Review

I was pleasantly surprised at how much I loved Fallen Flame! The world building was so unique and I loved the spin on magic here. The writing flowed nicely, and the plot had some exciting moments. I would have preferred more character development and less insta-romance, but nothing so major to stop me from reading the next books in the series!

But Fallen Flame is about Vala, a girl born with charred skin. Because of her skin, she was trained to be a member of the guard for the Prince’s detail. Vala grew up together with Prince Caulden and they formed a friendship. An unsuccessful attempt on the Prince’s life leads Vala down a rabbit hole of secrets that changes her life forever.

Thanks so much for NetGalley for the ARC in exchange for an honest review.


Rating: 4Β stars

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