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The Unexpected Everything | Review

The Unexpected Everything | Review

The Unexpected Everything is the story of Andie, the teenage daughter of a congressman who is caught up in a scandal that majorly alters Andie’s summer plans. And I means P-L-A-N-S, because Andie plans and preps everything beforehand, leaving absolutely nothing to change. Part of me was horrified about how type-A plan-a-riffic Andie was, but part of me swooned. This gal had escaped routes planned for parties. Someone’s after my Virgo planning heart, y’all.


So Andie’s plans change and she now finds herself working as a dog walker for the summer. Never mind the fact that she doesn’t own a dog. Or has ever walked a dog. You know, details.

But this dog walking gig is how she meets Clark, who is super dream worthy in all the nerdy right ways. And because Andie is taking risks and getting out of her comfort zone, she’s finding out more about herself and maybe, actually, falling in love. But you gotta read it to know what happens!


Overall I loved this story. The beginning took me a while to get into, but I think a lot of that was due to the fact that I tend to read 99.9% fantasy so this was a total off course adventure of my own. I decided to take a chance and it paid off! Also, for me the way Matson writes includes a lot of dialogue that doesn’t necessarily move the story along, it’s more of a fly on the wall type of dialogue and I found some of those parts to be a little boring. But I connected to all the characters and felt like they were well developed and realistic. Even Andie’s father, who at first seems as distant and unreachable as the-planet-once-known-as-Pluto, grows on you as a reader as you start to glimpse a little of the person behind the mask.

The size of the book was daunting at first, but once I got into I realized part of the reason why it’s so large is because of the texting in the book, which takes up a fair amount of space. It is a large book, though, no doubt about that, coming in at just over 500 pages. But it’s an easy, quick read. It’s fairly lighthearted, with some dramatic moments sprinkled in and the perfect book to take with you for a weekend beach trip.

My favorite line:  This part right here:

the unexpected everything

My favorite visual: The emojis.

Rating: 4 stars


Have you read The Unexpected Everything? What did you think? Let me know in the comments!

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